If you have a beard, you should use beard oil

Beard oil isn’t a new thing. There are hundreds of versions from just as many brands, and yet there are still guys who aren’t taking proper care of their facial hair. We see some of the harshest versions of poorly kept beards here in Salt Lake City by the end of winter. If that is you, don’t fear. We’re here to give you 5 simple reasons you should be adding beard oil to your routine if you have any (I repeat… any) facial hair.

But before we jump into why, let’s start with the what. Every version of beard oil is a little different. These differences are mostly due to the ingredients that make up the product. Routine’s beard oil has been developed to be simple, all-natural, and effective. What exactly does this mean?

We use almond oil as our base oil, meant to hydrate and keep your skin healthy – an often overlooked element of healthy beard growth. We also include jojoba oil and argan oil, meant to promote healthy hair growth and moisturize the hair that is already there. Finally, we add some vitamin E into the oil mixture to moisturize, reduce itchiness, and help prevent a slew of skin related issues. But why should you care to use beard oil at all?

  1. Beard oil pulls double duty as a facial moisturizer. When you massage the oil into your facial hair, you’re also moisturizing your skin too. Hair and skin health all in one.
  2. The subtle sent keeps you smelling fresh. Instead of putting on a strong cologne, let the scent of natural essential oils keep you smelling woodsy, citrusy, or subtly sweet.
  3. Your beard will look fuller. A healthy beard and face means hair that grows quicker and fuller. Plus, your beard will look better simply through a more styled appearance.
  4. You’re combating beard dandruff. By keeping your facial hair healthy and moisturized, there is a lower chance of seeing dandruff form. Prone to dandruff in your hair? Then you probably have it in your beard as well. Don’t let it get the best of you.
  5. It’s only a 30 second addition to your shower routine. As soon as you get out of the shower and/or wash your face, just take 30 seconds to massage a few drops of oil into your facial hair and skin. When your skin in hot, your pores are more open allowing for the moisturizing qualities to be amplified. This is even more important in cold, dry climates where your skin dries out even more quickly. Pro Tip: Are you showering a lot in the winter to keep warm? That actually dries out your skin even faster and means you need to take even more care to moisturize.

So what routine product should you consider? If your skin gets red or inflamed, we recommend trying our High Desert blend, which includes bay leaf – a natural anti-inflammatory. If you’re active and outdoors a lot, try our Wildwood or Royal Citrus bead blends, both which have cedarwood oil – a natural deodorizer and insect repellent.

Have specific questions about using beard oil or our beard oils? Reach out to hello@shoproutine.com.